What We Do

We at Pirate Pest Control strive to give you the best results and save you time. With our expert advice and superior chemicals, you will be able to achieve a more lush, weed and insect free lawn and home. Pirate Pest Control offers many different programs to suit any ones indoor/outdoor needs. So call us today to keep these yard pests away!

Pest Control Programs:

  • Indoor General Household Pest

  • Lawn Program – weed control, insect control, fertilization

  • Tree and Shrub Program – insect control, fertilization

  • Top Choice Fire Ant Treatment – guaranteed for 1 year!

  • Mosquito Control – perfect for BBQ’s, Parties, and Family Gatherings!

  • Rodent Control

  • Aquatic Weed Control

  • Wildlife Trapping

About our pest control

Ant Control

Ants are among the most successful of yard pests, outnumbering all other individual animals combined. They have been around since the days of the dinosaurs and inhabit just about every corner of Earth. We can use our refined ant control techniques to prevent them from creating large colonies on top of and beneath your lawn. Ant control, just like aphid control, is very difficult to keep up with at times and your lawn can become overrun with these yard pests. Our team here at Pirate Pest Control will go the distance to make sure that these ants never step foot on your lawn again. An ant may control every other corner on earth, but we will make sure they don’t control yours. So call us today and let us use the most precise ant control techniques to control the situation!

Aphid Control

Aphids are considered the worst yard pests to control. They seem to find their way into every garden and can be very damaging if not taken care of right away. They are small and they multiply quickly, so try to prevent them before reproduction starts. Here at Pirate Pest Control we have the best aphid control you can ask for. We would eliminate these tiny yard pests to prevent them from starting to or furthering the damaging of your plants. Aphid control is very difficult to do which is why out team uses the best techniques and chemicals to rid of them efficiently and quickly. Pirate Pest Control technicians have been using not only aphid control, but also ant control as well as rodent and bug control to keep your lawn and plants looking alive and green. So call us today and let us use our aphid control chemicals and techniques to save your gardens from being eaten alive!

Bug Control

Our team is fully certified in bug control. Bugs are everywhere but there are techniques and chemicals that our team here at Pirate Pest Control implements to keep the bug control down to a minimum and even nullify any remaining pests that are indoor and outdoor. Bug control is a much larger scale than ant control and aphid control, for bug control includes many of the common lawn and garden pests such as: chinch bugs, grub, moles (which can be very damaging to your lawn and gardens), white flies, and caterpillars just to name a few! If not taken care of in a timely manner or kept up with consistently these bugs can overrun your lawn within days. So bug control is a very important part of keeping your lawn looking amazing.

Mosquito Control

Do you have an outdoor event coming up? With as little as one weeks notice we can treat your outdoor area for mosquitos to ensure your event is a success. This method has been applied to the most mosquito infected area with great success! Don't hesitate, contact Pirate Pest Control today.

Rodent Control

Rodents destroy property and spread disease. We provide rodent baiting and exclusion services along with clean up services. (Exclusion Work and Rodent Baiting)

Tips for best results

Maintenance tips

Listed below are a few things you can do to help us provide better support!


  • Your irrigation should be professionally checked monthly which we can help you with.
  • In warm months you should water the equivalent of 1″ of rain per zone per watering event.
  • In cooler months, only water as needed to prevent fungal problems.


  • Some of the plants will need a hard cut back once or twice a year to promote density and fullness.
  • Try to trim off as few green fronds from palms as possible.
  • Plants that are touching your home should be trimmed so the insects can’t come inside as easily.
  • Lack of trimming will promote insect activity so plants should be trimmed about every two weeks or so.


  • Mowing height should be between 3 1/2″ – 4 1/2″ to prevent weeds.
  • Change up mowing pattern to prevent ruts and scalping. Be sure blades are sharp.
  • Mowing standards help with moisture retention and help drive roots deeper in the soil.

Indoor/Outdoor Pest Prevention

  • Be sure to notify your irrigation people when you see dry areas to prevent chinch bugs and permanent turf loss.
  • Indoors - be sure to wash dishes as soon as possible and keep food put away and in containers.
  • Some plants naturally have more insect problems than others so ask a professional before you purchase any new plants.




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