There's a Fungus Among Us

Brown Patch Fungus AKA Large Patch Fungus is a cool season soil borne disease. It becomes increasingly worse during cool nights (lows below the 70's). Being a soil borne disease there is no cure and will come back year after year. It can be managed with good watering practices (water only as needed during the fall and winter) and supplemental fungicide treatments.

One way to tell if the fungus is active is to check if there is a yellow or orange ring around the patch. The wider the ring, the more aggravated the pathogens are. Nitrogen should be used sparingly in these areas. You never want to see your grass brown but in the case of fungus, brown touching green is a good thing, shows it is no longer active.

Brown Patch Fungus does not have much affect on the runner of St. Augustine. It will mostly affect where the grass blade connects to the runner and make the grass blade fall off. It will take quite some time and numerous fungicide treatments for the leaves to grow back since this occurs when we are coming into the dormant season and we usually get lots of rain and very cool night from cool fronts.

If your lawn has Brown Patch Fungus and it cannot be controlled by decreasing watering we do offer supplemental fungicide treatments. Our fungicide treatment consists of two fungicides - a beneficial fungus (fight fungus with fungus) and a nutrient deriven fungicide. The initial fungicide treatment should have a follow up treatment scheduled for 7-10 business days. Treatments should be applied every 30 days going forward during the cooler months.

For the kids

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