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We only use the best slow release fertilizers along with the highest quality liquid nutrients to provide you with a lush, thick, and green lawn and shrubs. (Lawn Fertilization, Ornamental Plant Fertilization, and Palm Tree Fertilization)

We offer many pest control treatments such as top choice fire ant treatment, chinch bug prevention, white-fly treatments without drilling holes in trees, indoor baiting/spray, perimeter barrier spray, and many more. (Interior Clean Out, Outdoor Perimeter Barrier Spray, Lawn Insect Control, Tree and Shrub Insect Control, Selective Weed Control, and Spiraling White Fly Treatments for Palms).
We offer the best pest control services to keep them from harming you and your home, which makes Pirate Pest Control is the leader of Vero Beach Pest Control, Fort Pierce pest control, and Sebastian pest control! Learn more about specific pests below, and contact us to get rid of them for you!
Fire Ants
Fire Ants are known to cause stinging pain, which is why they are given the name “Fire” Ants. These specific ants tend to nest around electrical areas, which means around (or in) your home. They are typically aggressive when you or your animals if you have any invade their territory. Our team here at Pirate Pest control uses the best practices and treatments to get rid of these Fire Ants. So get rid of those Fire Ants by contacting your #1 Vero Beach Pest Control at (772) 567-9369 Chinch Bugs Chinch Bugs are a mere 1/4 inch long pest that is extremely damaging to turfgrass. What makes these pests so dangerous to your lawn is that they use needle-like beaks to suck the water and other healthy fluids from grass stems. These Chinch Bugs mate during Spring or Summer, and early summer usually, where the female Chinch Bugs lay as many as 500 eggs. This breeds a massive outbreak of dead patches if not taken care of correctly, which is why Pirate PEst Control has a formulated plan to prevent that scenario from happening, and keeping your grass healthy. Contact us today if you notice any Chinch Bugs, and our Vero Beach Pest Control, Fort Pierce pest control, and Sebastian pest control teams will get rid of them for you ASAP! White-Flies White-Flies are winged insects that resemble aphids closely, except they are white. They travel in groups, seeking shelter under leaves when weather insists. They are a dangerous pest to any plants or food you may be growing around your home because of their ingestion of plant juices and production of honeydew. Honeydew becomes a fungal disease, weakening plants and drying out leaves. To prevent White-Flies or get rid of White-Flies, please contact us today. You can contact us at (772) 567-9369…Let us, the #1 Vero Beach Pest Control, take care of them for you! Spiraling White-Flies Spiraling White-Flies are new to South Florida. They are larger and slower-moving pests compared to regular White-Flies. These pests infest landscape plants such as oaks, palms, shrubs, and more! If you notice Spiraling White-Flies or any other White-Flies, please contact us ASAP to get rid of them before they do any damage to your plants!

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General Household Pest Control

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What is it?

Residential General Household Pest is a quarterly pest control service that targets common household pests (ants, roaches).

What to expect:

Schedule a day and time that works for your schedule. We can usually accommodate same or next day. A friendly technician will call ahead and arrive for your free onsite inspection/estimate. At that time he will be prepared to complete your initial service if you would like to do so.

What is the initial service?

After a thorough inspection, the technician will complete the inside treatment to target the pests. Your initial service also includes the outside perimeter treatment

What are the quarterly treatments? Do I need to be home?

The quarterly service is done outside on the perimeter of your home. You do not need to be home. Indoor service calls are included and can be easily arranged if needed.

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With Pirate Pest Control, Pests & Rodents Beware!

Pirate Pest Control is the leader of Vero Beach Pest Control, Fort Pierce pest control, and Sebastian pest control. Pests pose serious risks to both you and your property which is why we want to secure you with our top notch pest control. We provide services to stop these yard pests from “bugging” you. Some of these services include ant control, aphid control, bug control, and other yard pests posing these risks all year long. It is proven that these yard pests will search for a comfortable habitat and we don’t want your home or land to be one of them. Our services of ant control will stop those pesky ants from ruining your lawn or invading your home. As for aphid control, we want to protect your trees and plants from these destructive insects. Also, bugs are everywhere, but with our top-of-the-line technology and advanced tools, we have the bug control. Our pest control technicians work to deliver solutions – rooted in science ‐ that will protect every and any home.

Locally Operated Pest Control - Vero Beach, Sebastian, Treasure Coast

Pirate Pest Control started as a small business in Vero Beach, FL. Over a few years, our company has expanded across the Treasure Coast. We have expanded our service are for Sebastian Pest Control, Fort Pierce Pest Control added with our Vero Beach Pest Control company. In all of these areas we offer our phenomenal ant control, bug control, aphid control, and other treatments to get rid of any yard pests from anywhere.

From the owner

We sincerely appreciate our customers. As a small business owner it is important to me and my family to keep business local. I pride myself on great results and personal service.


Jimmy Wright, Owner (pictured with son)

Your time is valuable

Relax and enjoy your property. We offer the best landscaping, pest control and lawn care services in Vero Beach and the Treasure Coast. Our focus is on providing great customer service and results using our proven methods.We are family owned and operated by the Wright family. We at Pirate Pest Control strive to give you the best results money can buy. With our expert advice and superior chemicals, you will be able to achieve a more lush, weed and insect free lawn and home. Our company offers many different programs to suit any ones indoor/outdoor needs

Quality Materials

We only use the best fertilizers and chemicals to achieve the best results possible. We are always experimenting with new products to try to bring you even better results.

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We are GI BMP certified and follow the best management guidelines, to ensure better health for all of our waterways.

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All of our technicians are very well trained experts. A rigorous ongoing training schedule ensures you get the best results due to our knowledge and ability to apply the correct material after making the proper diagnosis.

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